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Inspired by the work we did for the popular local Grapes and Grain podcast, Jerry came to us already excited about the potential rebrand he could expect from us.

His passion for North Texas beer and the people that drink it led him to create the NTX Beer Instagram page. A local resource for celebrating North Texas beer and community; he showcases a wide range of Ales, Lagers, Stouts, Porters and Malts from all over the metroplex.

“Five words I would use to describe NTX Beer would be celebratory, inclusive, community-oriented, resourceful, respectful” – Jerry

Gaining a mass following, Jerry needed to match his current brand with that of the beer he so passionately shared as well as establish the NTX Beer brand for years to come.

“NTX Beer is involved in building and expanding the North Texas beer community with beer education and low-cost opportunities to socialize and support our breweries and bars.”

The original logo was simply white western font on a wooden backdrop, so it left a lot to interpretation. 

We decided to push the “Texas” aspect of NTX Beer, making it the frame of the entire logo mark. Then taking inspiration from the original font, we drove the flares located in the middle of the font into the serifs of each letter, creating a more unique and distinct logotype.

Combining all of this with his favorite style of beer glass added the final frothing on top, completing this logo design and starting the initial rebrand of NTX Beer.

We at Tinographics enjoy drinking beer, and we enjoy creating beer-themed logos even more! If you’re looking for a customized rebranding solution for your business, contact us today for your free consultation.


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