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North Star Therapy contacted us with one goal in mind. Consistent Branding. And while they strive daily to provide creative solutions to young adults who are struggling with their mental health or major life transitions. We strived to match that creativity with personalized brand development that not only shows personality, but fun and professionalism.

“We provide CREATIVE solutions to mental health to young MILLENNIALS and GENZ-ers who are DO-ERS. It’s bright, friendly, creative.” – Esther Craven, CEO – North Star Therapy




They had previously purchased a website site template through WIX. You know, the build your website drag and drop platform. Though it’s easy to select a template and add content, it was not so easy for our client to intuitively match colors, imagery, messaging, and user experience. 


Our goal was to address all three as well as empower and educate North Star Therapy with resources and training that would allow them to create consistent and supplementary messaging throughout all of their social media channels in order to lead potential customers back to their website.


“The website actually went through two phases. When we did our second update, Tinographics staged additional images to include more of our brand’s colors. (My favorite was a picture of a young girl listening to music, where they changed the color of her headphones.) They also added unique content and call-to-actions for my newsletter North Star News which helped increase subscribership.

Tino, the one in charge of my account, asked questions about our clientele and was sure to design the website and images to fit our ideal client. When they created our logo and business cards, I was able to communicate a general design, and I felt like I was really able to trust him with the final result. When they created the postcard, we had lots of back and forth on the design, but they were able to adapt to my preferences, and they were also able to get them rushed-printed on the same day, so we got them in time for our conference!” – Esther Craven, CEO – North Star Therapy

Overall, the result is that North Star Therapy’s brand now has consistent, professional, beautiful design across their print, digital and social media channels. Now they can feel proud about sending potential clients to their website or handing them a business card that really reflects their brand.

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