The Insurance Specialist Inc. - Redesign by Tino Izuora

The Insurance Specialist Inc. came to me with a new logo and were in dire need of an update to the look the feel of their current website. I concurred.

New Logo:

Old Site:

Old Color Palette:

As you can see, their new logo and old design clash on so many levels.  In order for their new logo to work, I figured the best approach would be to completely get rid of the old school texture, dark colors, and overall lack of energy.


New Design w/ New Logo:

New Color Palette:

In exchange for the old palette, I replaced it with a more vibrant color scheme featuring their logo colors. I also removed gradients from the entire composition completely, jettisoning this design straight into 2017. I then cleaned up the text, making it more unified and concise; only displaying relevant information.

Total Redesign Time: 3 hours.